Lion Safari UT Lithium RV Battery | 1200 Watt

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The Lion Energy Safari Lithium battery is an alternative to the short lifespan lead acid battery.  A Lithium-ion battery is superior to lead-acid due to its reliability and efficiency.


Lion lithium batteries are deep cycle lithium RV batteries.  This battery require Zero Maintenance come with a Lifetime Warranty.  With a life of 3000 - 5000 cycles,  The Lion Safari UT Lithium Battery can last 14 times longer than Lead Acid and they're designed for use in all Recreational Vehicle Applications from Boats, House Boats, Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels and Class A, B or C Motorhomes.    

The charge time is 15% faster than a Lead Acid battery and they have a much longer run time.

The life span of batteries is measured in cycles - how many times can a battery be drained and recharged.  Lead Acid batteries offer 400-500 cycles, the Lion Safari UT offers 5000-6000 cycles.  While the upfront cost of the Lion Safari Battery is higher than most Lead Acid batteries the long-term savings makes them a better buy.   When you compare cost-per-cycle, the Lion Safari is the better buy.  


  • Rated Capacity                                             12V / 100Ah / 1200Wh
  • Cycle Life                                                      3500+ and 100% DOD
  • If Used Daily                                                                       10 Years
  • Shelf Life / Charge Retention                                                 1 Year
  • Charge / Discharge Rate                           Up to 100A / Up to 500A
  • Weight                                                                             20 Pounds
  • Dimensions                                          10.16" L x 6.59" W x 8.56' H
  • Environmentally Safe                                               Zero Emissions
  • Water Resistant                                                                         IP65
  • Charging / Operating Temp   32 to 113 degrees / -4 to 131 degrees
  • Series                                                                                12V - 48V
  • Warrant Period                                                                     Lifetime

Lion Energy provides a lifetime warranty.  If you're unhappy for any reason, just give us a call at 801-651-5236

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