Folding Solar Panel | 100 Watt

$449.99 $300.00 (You save $149.99)
Weight: 18.00 LBS
Folding Portable Solar Panels let you harvest free power from the sun.  


Our solar panels are an awesome product, they're light weight, easy to carry, and easy to set up.  The panel folds in half and locks in place for easy carrying.

Unlike solar panels on a roof, portable solar panels get moved around quite a bit.  Lion Energy designed these panels with mobility in mind. 

Durability:  Panels are cased in air-tight tempered glass held in place by an anti-corrosive double walled aluminum frame.

Wiring and Connectors:  All wiring is copper and all connectors are copper.  

The life span:  20 years

Power AC Output: The maximum output is 100 watts.  The average output throughout the day if not adjusted for the sun's day arc is 71 watts.

Power DC Output:  The average output current is 6A @ 12V DC.

It takes one solar panel unit approximately 8 hours to fully charge the Lion Energy Ascent Full-less Solar Generator we sell.














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