Ascent Fuel-Less Solar Generator 1500 Watt

Weight: 48.00 LBS
This 1500 watt portable solar generator offers a viable and simple solution for powering devices both inside and out, and backing up your home in case of an emergency. 


This unit is quiet, requires no fuel and can run indefinitely anywhere there is sunlight. 

The large wattage output makes this unit suitable for power outages around the home.  It will allow you to have lights, a phone, a computer and medical equipment. It's safe to use indoors - no emissions,  and it is quiet - no noise.

Campers and RV users can use this unit to power televisions, music players, and small refrigerators for 5 to 6 hours before recharging. 

This unit can be charged from a solar panel or from a standard household AC outlet. This is the first unit on the market to offer expand-ability to meet greater needs. This generator contains an external pack expansion port which allows you to add our external 100 A/h battery pack which increases battery storage by 3 times. 

Easy to Use: The user interface LCD screen shows output power for each set of outputs and input power when charging.  The screen also shows the current battery temperature.   

Safe:  No emissions - none. This fuel-less generator has no carbon footprint during use, emits no greenhouse gases and causes no damage to the environment.  It's even safe enough to use indoors.

Quiet: The protected lithium core produces wattage without the loud, continuous, sanity-challenging noises of other generator engine.

Renewable: Powdered and replenished by the sun.   This unit will retain 80% of its battery capacity after one year, it must be recharged every three months to maintain full charge.

Affordable:  No other generator offer the same quiet power output and device versatility for the same price.


Solar Generator Specs:

  • Integrated inverter: 120 V AC pure sine wave, 1500 W continuous, 2000 W Peak
  • Integrated charge controller: Maximum of 35A charging current from AC and DC
  • Charge to the internal battery from the AC charging Circuity: 20 A @ 15 V DC
  • Max DC output current: 30A @ 12 V DC
  • Max DC input current: 15A @ 12 V - 15 V DC
  • Internal lithium battery: 50 A/h (600 W/h) capacity
  • Cycle Life: 2000 cycles
  • Minimum charge time: 2.5 hours
  • Charge retention: 1 year

Solar Generator's Internal Battery Specs:

  • 12 V DC - 50 A/H - Lithium Based

The Lion Energy Ascent Generator has a one-year warranty. The Ascent was designed, manufactured, and is guaranteed by Lion Energy, Orem, Utah.  


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